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Monochrome Monday 5-18

This image is also taken during my trip to the Isle of Skye in Scotland earlier this year.

While exploring the island we found this tree located right next to the street. On the other side of the street (in my back when taking this photo), is a beach. The beach was the reason for stopping here. But, when I saw that tree, I got reminded to The Lord of the rings books written by J.R.R. Tolkien. He imagined a species called Ent. An ent is a tree-like being, able to move, see and talk. They understand themselves as being caretakers for the forests, just like shepherds do for their sheep.

Tolkien described male ents as being shaped like old, thick and ossified, while female ents are more like big bushes. Both are unable to get recognized by anyone when standing still with closed eyes. So, they can hide easily inside forests.

In this contexts, it seemed to me, that I might have found an ent here.

Take care!