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Travel Tuesday: crab booth

This is a quite common kind of food selling booth. Despite it looks like a pop-up shop, it’s more permanent. In Germany, you can find these food selling booths nearly everywhere. They are selling ice-cream, fish rolls, French fries, bratwurst, döner, waffles and so on: food to eat while walking or simply standing beside the booths. Some of these kinds of food you could find everywhere, others are more regional like this crab selling booth or booths selling fish rolls.

The writing on top of the booth says: “fresh crabs daily” and “unpreserved”. While the writing in the lower right corner says: “not today” 🤣


Take care!


2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: crab booth”

  1. and just Perfect! French fries?? did you mean Belgian Fries! The Best ones ever! 😛 … I like fresh crabs from time to time…hey André! I should use my vintage folding caravan dating of 1980 and try a new experience… ahead on the road… to Germany! 😛 , why not? 😳 I’m a fine cook according to my inner circle. 😉

    1. 🙂 But, don’t forget: you have to comply with the hygienic standards / regulations when being in the food business
      Belgian fries or French fries – here they are called “Pommes Frittes” or simply “Fritten” or “Pommes”

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