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Throwback Thursday: below the sea level

You’re wondering about the title of this post? 🙂 At low tide I’m standing on the ground of the sea in Brittany and pointing my camera upwards. On this rock (and similar to the other rocks around) you can see many, many common or  blue mussels. They are eatable. Therefore they are i.e. cooked in white wine.

Take care!

8 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: below the sea level”

  1. It is gorgeous point and looks like they are not ruined by foodie tourists, which is surprising (or maybe it is washed when it gets high tide..?).

    1. you guessed right, many feet walked along the beach despite being there out of season. You don’t see them because I pointed my camera skywards along the rocks

  2. yep! These Mussels are eatable ;-), but we all need to pay attention, due to Warnings reported about pest status, therefore of Suspension of shellfish harvesting.
    Harvest of bivalve molluscan shellfish, such as Mussels is currently prohibited in various areas, due to chemical contamination, even if such situation is quite rare, as presence of lead, also due to recurrent Contamination by marine phytoplankton bio-toxins.
    That happens from time to time. otherwise, never harvest any bivalves partially opened, because about dead.
    Anyway, even when buying Mussels with professionals, I always add some Grapefruit seed extract oil during cooking. That way, I am feeling more comfortable with digestion of mussels. During a short cooking with salted butter, parsley, shallots, (cloves of garlic), pour a few cl of Dry white wine 🙂 Cover with thyme, bay leaves, we called this “moules marinières”. Bon Appétit!:). Last, mussels served with (Belgian :P) fries are the best fit. Ah! Yummy Moules Frites.

    1. Ah, here’s the French voice 🙂
      You’re right, Soleveig, as mussels are filterer, they alway take in chemicals or poisons when filtering their food from the surrounding water. These poisons can be natural or manmade by water pollution. So, it’s a necessity to pay much attention to the environmental circumstances during their lifetime.
      Additional, you have to pick open mussels out before cooking, because they are dead and closes mussels after cooking because there something wrong, too.

  3. uhh “The French Voice”? whaaat? but i’m not really French vous savez!! ;-P
    how do you prepare recipe of mussels in Germany? ending with curry-cream sauce? (oh my! my mouth is already watering, just thinking about it) … and > “Additional, you have to pick open mussels out before cooking, because they are dead and closes mussels after cooking because there something wrong, too.” and you’d better swallow a few drops of “Grapefruit seed extract oil” before meal 🙂 Take Care. Enjoy a Great WE All.

    1. 🙂
      I don’t cook them myself. It’s something for a restaurant. You have to search very hard to find fresh moules here or drive at least to Belgium to find them in a supermarket.
      Yup, have a great weekend. Weather is very promising currently 🙂

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