8 thoughts on “In the forest”

  1. Love this image, Andre, but something must have happened in the reblog– the one on Monochromia is so crisp. Terrific image.

      1. I’ve never experienced this with a reblog. Might want to make a fresh post with the image on your blog. It’s such a nice shot. 😉

        1. In a reblog, the image is loaded from the original blog. Instead, of reblogging, I certainly could create a post on my own blog and simply set a link to monochromia. Unfortunately, it’s not the same.

  2. This year no chance, just rain and wind and a little bit sun…need to put this nice picture on my window …so when i try to look outside its christmas time 🙂 Wish you a pleasant time and a good start in 2019, all the best, Jürgen

    1. Thanks, Jürgen. Regarding the weather, it’s the same here. That image is from my archive. Up to now, December is very wet with temperatures between 5 and 10°C. So, finally the empty water reservoirs are slowly refilling. 🙂
      Have pleasant holidays, too.

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