While preparing this post, we’re having a quite hot summer day. It’s not so hot as it was earlier this week, but it’s still over 33°C (91°F). I really love these hot days of the year, just because we only have so few of them. Sitting outside with friends ’till midnight only wearing a t-shirt and shorts is sooo good.

The image above is taken in very similar conditions. But, it’s taken in Brittany, France against the sun to create this cut-out look.

More of my images can be seen at my own blog.

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10 thoughts on “Silhouette”

    1. 🙂 thanks, Kerry.
      I guess, for Texas, these temperatures are quite normal. But, I’m located much further north. To give you an idea about the location of my hometown, I’m projecting the latitude of my town to North America. When doing so, the pin lands about 500km (311 miles) north of Quebec or about 1100 km (683 miles) north of NY.

      1. Yes, I heard it was incredibly hot in Europe and no air-conditioning. It is actually cooler than normal here and the thunderstorms bring down the temperature. The weather is crazy!

        1. The weather IS crazy. Climatic changes are noticeable everywhere. It’s true, expect many shops, private houses usually don’t have air-conditions. In the past, it wasn’t necessary to have one. Today, some records in temperature were broken: i.e. in France (> 45°C = 113 °F) and in Spain, where a harvester died because of the heat and for the next 2 days the government forbid to work in the fields or transport animals.
          In Germany, it’s the hottest June ever (without counting the remaining days 😳)
          I really love the heat, but the humidity is most often too hight, too. And that’s very uncomfortable.
          Btw. the first towns reclaim the lack of water ☹️. And that’s before the summer has started. The hot days of summer are from mid of July to mid of August. So, a few more records will probably break during the next months ☹️

          1. We are going through an El Nino period along with global warming. My geologist husband, who thinks in eons, believes this happens frequently but not in human times. It is possible it could trigger an ice age or the opposite. Whatever happens we will evolve just like our Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens forbears. He also points out that mass extinction of species has happened many times, as sad as that is. He really helps me cope with all of this, as our ancestors had to before us. Our floods have ruined most of the crops in the Midwest – we will just have to plant again. In Texas we had a drought for 10 years with forest fires but now it is a wet period. The trees are loving it!

            1. here we had a very hot summer of 2018 and too few rains and snow during winter. Not all water reservoirs, natural and artificial, are already filled up as they should be. So, the fire season started very early this year. the forests have some stress of the lack of water and the farmers fear the loss of their harvests.

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