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Throwback Thursday: mirroring

Saturday before last, we were visiting long-term friends. The two women even are friends since their common time at school. Unfortunately, they are living far away from us and personal reasons were hindering us to meet for several years. But, that Saturday we met again. It was a fantastic day over there.

While we had a walk around a nearby lake we split. A walk-and-talk for the women and a photography walk for the men. Being prepared, I had my camera in the back of my car. So, the women walked a lot more than the men. But, for me, it was also a teaching lesson.

Take care!

nature, photo-of-the-day, photography, travel, world

Throwback Thursday: blooming Heide

Two years ago on a hot day by the end of August, I was visiting the blooming Heide 🙂 This intense color shows us, the end of the summer is near.

This kind of landscape is called Heide. It’s a man-made landscape. For centuries, the area is used to feed sheep. So, no bigger plants are existing, expect a few for giving shelter to the sheep. Everything else is eaten by the sheep and plants don’t have a chance to grow bigger. Usually, the soil isn’t useful to grow plants to feed men. It has a very high percentage of sand. But, the erica (Heidekraut, Heide crop) grows well. The sheep are here as gardeners and keep the landscape in shape. It’s a protected landscape and a nature reserve.

This kind of landscape is quite magical at the end of the summer: the erica starts blooming for about 3-4 weeks and paints the ground pink. In between, you can see the natural shape of the trees. In this example, it’s a pine.

In the image above, the area looks much smaller, than it really is. Singel trees and soft hills hide parts of this tree surrounded of nearly 1 km(= 87,72 ha, 0.338 square miles, 216.76 acres).

Take care!

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Monochrome Monday 6-19

Which camera is the best? This is an often asked question. I usually answer this question with: the one you have with you.

One morning, I was on my way to visit a  customer when I came along this alley. I really liked how the two buildings are narrowing the alley and lead the view to the tiny buildings at the end.

The only camera I had with me, was my smartphone. So, my smartphone was the best camera for this job 🙂

Take care!