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Throwback Thursday: blooming Heide

Two years ago on a hot day by the end of August, I was visiting the blooming Heide 🙂 This intense color shows us, the end of the summer is near.

This kind of landscape is called Heide. It’s a man-made landscape. For centuries, the area is used to feed sheep. So, no bigger plants are existing, expect a few for giving shelter to the sheep. Everything else is eaten by the sheep and plants don’t have a chance to grow bigger. Usually, the soil isn’t useful to grow plants to feed men. It has a very high percentage of sand. But, the erica (Heidekraut, Heide crop) grows well. The sheep are here as gardeners and keep the landscape in shape. It’s a protected landscape and a nature reserve.

This kind of landscape is quite magical at the end of the summer: the erica starts blooming for about 3-4 weeks and paints the ground pink. In between, you can see the natural shape of the trees. In this example, it’s a pine.

In the image above, the area looks much smaller, than it really is. Singel trees and soft hills hide parts of this tree surrounded of nearly 1 km(= 87,72 ha, 0.338 square miles, 216.76 acres).

Take care!