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Throwback Thursday: a magical morning

Saturday morning 5:30 a.m. I’m laying in my warm bed. It’s only 4°C outside. A free weekend. But, what’s that? What noise. My alarm clock rings. Hey, what’s wrong? Anyone’s playing a joke on me or is trying to annoy me? No, it was me, who set the alarm on this early hour.

After having a shower and a cup of coffee I started to my destination. About 60 km to drive, approximately 45 minutes. It’s still dark outside and only a few cars are on the motorway. I arrived without any problems and met with a friend who came from the opposite direction. We met there for taking some photos. The weather forecast was very proposing. Unfortunately, we only had a little bit of morning fog and hardly any clouds.

From 7:00h until 8:30h we were walking around and photographing the beautiful morning: starting in the blue hour with some morning fog and throughout the golden hour.

Take care!

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