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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #83: narrow

This week’s theme at The lens artist is “narrow”. Amy showed some of her images own as an example. I tend to be the guy for epic wide areas. But, I also have met very narrowly places.

This is the narrowest public street I’ve ever walked along: Praque


Or have you ever been in a coal mine hundreds of meters below the surface of our beautiful planet?

Even nature is able to create narrow passages. She usually uses water for that job:


Let’s have a walk through a tower:

There are narrow and steep staircases in plants like here in a steel plant.

The worker had not much room for their work when they finally arrived at the side of the blast furnace. You can see the strait timbers on the ground: that’s a passage!!!


But, I like nature much more:

Do you like walking along a narrow path through the forest or the steps leading you to a wine yard?


Sometimes, mother nature creates narrow views to see, what she’s hiding:


Some guys love narrow places like these guillemots. The ledges are so small, but broad enough for them to breed!



Take care!