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Travel Tuesday: at the Fairy pools

This area is called Fairy pools. It’s not far from the parking ground, but it’s only a very steep path leading you down from the parking ground to the river. Next, you have to climb uphill beside the rivers to reach the part which is called fairy pools because of the many basins where the water is much calmer than in the other parts. To be honest, I can’t imagine anyone would be brave enough to enter the water.

Exact one year later, a few friends of mine also came here for taking photos from the rushing water and the waterfalls, but, only a little water was in the river and amazingly some people took a bath in some of the pools 😳.

In the next image, you can have a look back to see, the path. In the center of the image, you can see a bright spot. That’s a white caravan parking in the parking ground. According to my friends, now you have to pay a fee. When we were there, the parking was free.

The whole trip from the parking ground down to the river, up to the uppermost waterfall and back lasted about 2,5 hours. While the path from the parking ground down to the river was steep but graveled. The path along the river uphill was only a trail. The trail itself was connected to the graveled path by this nice bridge.


After the uppermost waterfall, the river runs in a couple of beds and not a single one. You can jump over at least some of them, but the scene is less interesting compared to the part you’ve already seen when reaching the last waterfall. To give you an additional motivation to turn back at this point, the government has set up a (small) sign advising you to turn back because at that point the wilderness begins, which might be quite dangerous for you.

Take care!