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Lens-Artists Challenge #101 – “one single flower”

Today, we have a guest host for Lens-Artists Challenge. Cee is our host and she asks for one single flower.

For this challenge, I limit myself to only one image.


This schlumbergera (I guess it’s a Schlumbergera truncata) grows well in our living room. I love the intense red color. As the window in our living room goes to the north, it’s not hot and not too bright. So, each year we’re getting some wonderful blossoms around Christmas (mostly in early January). We have a second one with pink blossoms. But I like the red one more.

In German it’s called Gliederkatus or Weihnachtskaktus. Translating it literally, the first one would translate to element or rank cactus and the second one Christmas cactus.

When photographing blossoms, it’s sometimes hard to limit yourself to only one blossom. But in this case the single blossom stands for its own and can be admired without getting distracted.

I guess, I need to pause for the next 2 weeks, because I’m going on a trip on Monday morning ’til the end of June. My regular posts are pre-scheduled.

Take care

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #101 – “one single flower””

  1. With this beautiful capture you only need one flower for this challenge. Fabulous entry. 😀 Thanks so much for playing along this week.

    1. Thanks, Patti. Here they quite common plants for indoors. You can get them in flower shops as well as in DIY markets when the season starts. According to Wikipedia they are native to Brazil.

  2. nice shot. I can’t believe that my schlumbergera starts to blossom right now. first time in 10odd years that I have it.

    1. Thanks, Klara. According to my experience they don’t want to stand too warm and too bright. Many people grow them in the unheated stsirways of tenements. And the boom

  3. Yes, a Christmas cactus flower. I have one of these and the flowers are wonderful, even if they don’t always know when it’s Christmas. 🙂 Enjoy your next two weeks and be safe.


  4. A beauty – I have a red one as well and love it every time when it’s in flower. A lovely shot! My household has got one white, one pink and one yellow as well. Wish you a pleasant trip, take care and welcome back!

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