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Throwback Thursday: It’s harvest time

Saturday before last, we got a call by a good friend telling us, the grapes in their garden were ripe and have to be harvested before they were eaten completely by the birds. So, on Sunday we headed north-west to visit them with a bunch of buckets in the rear trunk. Just like last year.

In the evening we came back with 4 * 10 liter + 1 * 15-liter buckets full of ripe, blue grapes. That made a total of about 26 kg. During the next 3 days, the juice was extracted from the grapes. A total of about 15 liters of juice came out of the fruits. The raw juice was further processed to some glasses of jam (~20), a few bottles of very tasty juice (8), some liqueur, and a Schiacciata all’uva, an Italian grape bread, were the result.


Take care!


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: It’s harvest time”

  1. As you can well imagine, we are past our teeth in the vendange and seeing what the tourist season brought with it (COVID-19) much closer to home. Now we are dealing with young people from all over the EU who have come to help but without any restrictions on which areas they have come from.
    Please forgive the rant. The photo is lovely and I’ve never seen grapes in those colors.

    1. No problem, Léa. The script for this year was written by a very bad author. Describing it as a B-Movie would be a way too good rating, but maybe it could be rated as the story play for a pulp magazine. Everything runs wrong and nearly everyone is feeling mad. I really wonder for not having seen many more reports of violence in the families. Also, the farmers run in problems everywhere. It’s not only the lack of people needed for harvesting (and planting). It’s also the lack of water overall and at the right time. An in addition the enormous heat. It seems our planet is suffering from the fibre. Btw. a friend of mine sent me a note yesterday saying the story of Mad Max 1 takes place in 2021 😳 in Australia …..

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