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Travel Tuesday: Sheep? Sheep!

While preparing for my first trip to Iceland, I was told the landscape of the Isle of Skye in the north-west of Scotland is quite similar to Iceland. And I have to admit, those people were right. Not only the untamed landscape, low bushes, and sparse ground covering, it’s also the huge amount of rock laying around everywhere and the free-running sheep. Only the colors are different: in Iceland, the rocks are black instead of gray and the ground covering has a very intense green which looks a bit unreal.

Take care!


2 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Sheep? Sheep!”

  1. Well done! That photo could have been taken in the tiny village of Albas which is in our commune. Every year they host the L’Art Cache weekend, except during Covid-19. It was disappointing, to say the least.
    In the Spring they have Le fete de Mouton and the tiny village is host to EuroCultures which helps connect Art, Artists, and those who appreciate it.

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