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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 117: “A Photo Walk”

LAPC is hosted this week by Amy and she asks for images of a photowalk.

At least, once a month I go on a photowalk. That our monthly photographer’s roundtable. It’s always fun: walk, talk, take photos, and discuss the results afterward online.

These images are taking during my last photowalk two weeks ago. I had to take care of my grand-son that day and took him to the hills above the town. Our goal was a visit to the deer enclosure, a round trip of about 3 km or so. From the parking ground, our path first led us through the fields where we saw corn, apples, horses, and cows. Next, we entered the forest to reach the enclosure, soon. We also passed an area, where the lumbermen cut many trees and prepared them for transport. Many things for such a young guy to discover. Finally, we reached the enclosure. Unfortunately, only one deer was visible. The enclosure is big enough to offer a lot of hides to the animals. So, we only saw one. Fortunately, the little guy wasn’t disappointed and walked back with me willingly. Btw. yesterday, he turned 4!

Take care!

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 117: “A Photo Walk””

  1. Thank you for sharing your enjoyable photo walk with your grandson. Beautiful photos of the landscape, love the photo of your grandson. It seems it’s a long walk for the little guy. Gald he wasn’t disappointed.

    1. Thanks, Amy. It was a bit risky, but when letting him walk in his own speed and let him look for whatever catches his interest made the distance shorter as it really is. Picking up acorns and chestnuts for example and telling him, what he could do with them at home. Pushing him to walk in your speed and not having something to motivate him, might lead you to a bad experience.

  2. Hi, Solaner. What a beautiful walk with your grandson. I enjoyed coming along with you! Your images are wonderful. I especially enjoyed the ones of the open fields and your grandson, too. Take care and stay well.

  3. How fun to have a photo walk with a 4-year-old Andre! I’m sure it was WAY more fun and interesting than it would otherwise have been. Nothing like seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Lovely images.

    1. You’re right, Tina. Walk the way in his pace, wait for him and answer questions about what he has discovered slows down. Because of the slower speed and being ask what he has seen opens the eyes for other things.

    1. 😊you’re right, Teresa. But only as long as the kid is motivated to walk and not trying to change it to a stand-in or even a sit-in

        1. In that case, you need your inventor skills, leave the kid behind (no, never ever) or take it on your arm to carry it (no, it’s too heavy in the meantime). So, motivation is key . Best, you have an idea for motivation before starting and don’t need it so that you‘re able to save the idea for the next time 😊

          1. Good one! You are so used to this that maybe it’s second nature to you. But tho hard, how I wish to have a grandchild.

            1. 😊 unfortunately that‘s not in our hands. I have 3 kids. Only our daughter has a kid up to now. (Her brothers are 2 snd 5 years younger. But, as a single mum she has to fight hard.) having this in mind, I guess, for the boys this will last way longer.

              1. Only my 30 year old son is married but because of the world’s situation right now, they are having second thoughts about bringing a baby to this chaotic world.

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