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Throwback Thursday: workshop results

Two weeks ago I was holding a workshop again. Not a big one. Because of the pandemic regulations, only a very, very small group was with me.

We were reaching our destination before sunrise at about 6 a.m. (oohhh, that’s before breakfast 😳). Amazing how many people were already there or were arriving shortly after us. About 30-40 photographers, mostly equipped with a tripod and a bunch of filters (noooo, no Instagram-filters 😇, glass filters) and about 20 joggers. It wasn’t my first visit here at that early time and in the past, I never met more than two or three people (mostly walkers and not photographers). When I was leaving I met some people walking their dogs or so. So, I was quite surprised how crowded the location was.

But, I won’t complain. As expected, we were gifted by a lot of morning fog, a nice sunrise but unfortunately no clouds.

About 2 hours later, all the beauty was gone. But, our memory cards were filled instead to keep the beauty.

Take care!


14 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: workshop results”

  1. Gorgeous! I love watching the sunrise and also the sunset. The parts in between are delightful as well so I’ve no doubt you have much to do.

    1. Nature has its beauty at all times of the day: 0:00 – 23:59 for 365 days a year plus an extra one in every 4th year.

      1. Without a doubt. It almost makes one take pause and wonder about humanity. We seem obsessed with its destruction. Granted not all of us are, but are we doing all we can? Perhaps you have revisited some natural wonder after several years. Did it look the same? Alas, beauty seems to have set me dead-center on my soap-box once again.

        1. Yes, visited several places more than once. Everything changes. Constantly. That’s normal! But, we’re the ones with a high impact on our environment without regard or respect. Ok, there are also some animals transforming their place according to their needs. But, that local. We’re destroying our environment globally and at such a high speed. In German, we have a saying describing this very good: Nach mir die Sintflut (after me the deluge) and meaning “I don’t care at all” And, too many people are still following this principle. 😳😫

          1. So true. Have you ever thought of showing before and now side-by-side photos and possibly commenting on that? It’s just a thought, and perhaps a hope…

                    1. You might even enjoy some of our local special wines… Trois, Le Grand Cuvee, or Pompador all made nearby in Embre / Castlemaure. They are excellent.

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