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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 118: “communication”

LAPC is hosted this week by a guest host again: Biasini. She asks for our understanding of “communication”.

The first thing coming to my mind is the famous statement by the was an Austrian-American family therapist, psychologist, communication theorist, and philosopher Paul Watzlawick. He said, “you can not not communicate”. It’s not a typo doubling the word “not”.  It’s simple. Whenever people come together they communicate. They communicate by their clothing, posture, mimic, and gesture – the body language.

Besides direct (oral or body language) communication between humans, we also have signs, i.e. traffic signs, lighthouses, writings, and so on.

Take care!

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 118: “communication””

  1. How in heaven’s name do you find so many appropriate images for each challenge so quickly Andre?! That little girl with the blue hat is marvelous, as is the little boy (?). Terrific choices for the week.

    1. 😊 thanks, Tina. I guess, my archive is well organized. Usually, I have an idea which kind of image would fit. So, I only check these folders and check the image against my memorization. When it fits: fine and look for the next one. Btw, up to now, I don’t have a tagging software established to help me. It’s only my folder structure, which I explained in detail a couple of years ago https://solaner.wordpress.com/2015/01/03/how-to-store-photos-on-your-disks/

      1. My system is almost the exact one you use but it doesn’t help me with things like a specific color, or things like people or animals or communication, for example. for that we need our own memories of what we encountered along the way, or a tagging system. Sigh

        1. so, only a tagging system could help. But, setting up such a tagging database is a lot of work. Up to now, I started tagging a couple of times, but each time I stopped it very soon. The tagging system already exists (most of the keywords and their relations) and a few images are tagged, but I never did it completely. It’s such a huge amount of work. In my archive are currently about 25,000 images and there are still a couple of folders with undeveloped images from the last 3 years leftover. I guess, when counting them in, I’d reach about 30,000 images, and there is the other folder containing my images from the shootings (portraits, weddings, and so on), one folder structure for each assignment. But, for these images, I, fortunately, won’t need a tagging system.

  2. As a mental health professional myself, I must say that I believe he is oversimplifying real communication. One of the biggest problems we have is due to the lack of true communication. A mode of dress tells little about the individual nor does a haircut, a specific car… they will tell you little more about the person than a cover will reveal about a book. Now I shall climb off my soap-box.
    Andre, as always, I love the photos. 🙂 Lea

    1. Thank you so much, Léa. In my opinion, dressing style, haircut, colors of make-up, kind of dog, or even a car tell you something about the person who has chosen this kind of thing. (I’m thinking of i.e. pimped-up cars, poser outfits, punk style, and so on, but also how i.e. the poppers were dressed in the 1980s. they are/were setting a statement to belong to a certain group. And, that’s also a kind of communication.). But, you’re right, it’s a more general statement and not comparable with i.e. your other situative body language.

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