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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 119: “My Hideaway”

It’s Saturday evening. So, it’s time for The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This week Leya is our host and she asks for presenting our hideaways.

For me, this is a very hard theme, as I don’t have something comparable to the definition of a hideaway. When I was a child, I used to grab a book and went outside of our home to a tree, half a kilometer away. This tree was kind of lonely and also not very tall. It wasn’t standing alone, but it was surrounded by bushes and a gap between two bushes gave enough room to pass through it and reach the tree. Noone was aware when I was sitting on the low-growing branch. Noone was even knowing where I was. But, I was sitting there, only 3 meters or so away from the street, hidden behind the bushes and able to read ’till the evening. At that time I was reading a lot and very fast. A book couldn’t be too thick.

When I grew older and had my first car, I loved cruising around. I even had my own mix-tapes, especially for these cruising tours.

When we moved into our current house, we set up one room as a home office. I hate closed doors. At once I’m feeling captured when I can see the door is shut. But, when I’m closing a door voluntarily behind me, everyone knows, keep me alone. (ok, there are also other reasons: i.e. keep the warmth inside – therefore we have some doors with glass). This office at home is such a kind of hideaway for me. this room is also my workplace now, that I’m working from home because of the Covid19 pandemic.

A long story and no images. Right. Unfortunately, I don’t have any images from that scene of my childhood. I even don’t have a digital image of my first car and I don’t want to bore you with an image showing my desk with my computer on top and my office chair. Instead, I want to broaden the perspective a little bit.

Why do you / one needs a hideaway? I need it sometimes to leave a certain scene I can’t bear anymore or for relaxing purposes. I also use a hide sometimes for wildlife photography. The other things being able to calm me down is coming to the sea for listening to the waves rushing on the beach or standing in nature at sunrise on a slightly foggy morning. Those mornings are so serene and pure. A place to recuperate. Unfortunately, it’s sooooo far away from my home.

Take care!

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 119: “My Hideaway””

  1. Fabulous post, Andre. Your photos are exquisite. Like you, books were my hideaway and still are. Nature, too. We are all making long lists of places and things we’re doing to do after the pandemic! You have a marvelous photographic “eye.”

    1. Thank you so much, Patti 😊 and youβ€˜re right. Although I wrote about books, that books are also a kind of hideaway. I didnβ€˜t notice while writing about it 😊

        1. I can also immerse myself in books in such a way that I no longer notice anything. But most of the time I have not enough calmness nowadays πŸ˜•

          1. I know what you mean. It’s taking a lot of discipline. My mind is wandering. But I still think it’s worth the effort to dive into these worlds.

            1. A lot of discipline and no-one disturbing the calmness (the inner as well as the outer calmness). I’d love to grab my walking stick to accomplish Bilbo on his journey or discover the World of Tiers alongside Kickaha. There are plenty of worlds outside waiting to get discovered by a reader. Btw. do you know the book “The neverending story” by Michael Ende? I know, the movie is known in the US. But, do you also know the book? Although it’s considered a children’s book here, I’d’ recommend reading it to adults also. The story has more levels than a kid is able to recognize. On the other hand, the movie is crap. It could be considered as a trailer for the book (or a series with a couple of episodes). Even when adding the two sequels, they don’t reach the tiniest percentage of the book.

  2. Beautiful, AndreΒ΄. I love your description of the lonely tree, and love that nobody knew where you were. I miss those days myself. If I go away without telling someone today, I will get a shower of words when I get back, as to why I did not send any message…Childhood days. Your images are just wonderful, as always. And the depicted places are hideaways I recognise so well from my own life.

    1. Thanks, Ann-Christine. Yeah, in those days the only way to communicate over a distance was shouting. (No- one I know has had a walkie-talkie in those times and cellphone like we know the, today, were not invented). So, when our mother demanded us to play outside, she never knew where we were. And when she asked, she got an answer than was so general, that no-one would have found us. Sounds like tales from a fairytale or so but only 30-40 years ago.

  3. Your images are the definition of serenity Andre, proving the world-at-large can be a hideaway! I loved them all but especially those with fog. Beautiful

  4. What a lovely post! You spoke of a familiar world although instead of a tree , library was were I used to hide. Now I suppose it is my room that doubles as my workplace so I am conflicted about its hideaway status. Your words took me down memory lane and the photos to a place I hope to visit once travelling opens up. Great work!

    1. Thank you so much, Sheetal. I guess, books are hideaways for many people. Great, I was able to bring up some of your memories 😊

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