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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 120: “What a treat”

Many, many people complaining these days about how bad they are treated by the government to obey the simplest rules for finally defeating SARS2-CoV, the source for the COVID19 pandemic. Despite the majority works hard to defeat the virus, many people, unfortunately, do everything they can to ignore the rules just for their own enjoyment.

In this situation, I received the notification from Tina about the topic for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: What a treat!

Her own post is about a safari in Africa and how valuable a training session with a photographer from the US via Zoom was for her and her local photo club. I can understand that very well. When you’re feeling alone in this situation, give me a note, I guess we can organize an online meeting to talk a bit.

When I saw the notification from Tina and thought about it for some time, my brain changed a few letters and made “treat” to “treasure”. I know, both words are different in their meaning. However, they have a few connections besides the fact of sharing 4 letters. Both can mean something valuable, sweet, and personal among others. Family, health, a job, a house, someone to talk with can also be such a treat.

I’m organizing my photos of each year in a folder that contains subfolders for each event, trip, or photo session. When we were in lockdown, a thought came up to my mind, it could be difficult to assemble a calendar for 2021 with my own photos taken in 2020, as usual. We’re reaching the end of the year (yes, I know, 2 more months ’til 2021), so it was time to assemble the calendar for 2021. Therefore I had to check my 2020 folder and I was kind of surprised about what I found. So, each of the trips I did with my camera was such a treat. And the biggest treasure was the trip to Iceland in June. I’m so thankful, happy, and fortunate that the trip was possible in general, the COVID19 test at immigration was negative, and with great weather (don’t get this one wrong) to see everything we had planned.

Last week, my calendar for 2021 arrived. Here you can see all the images I included in the calendar. Each of them is a gem, a treat, and bears a valuable memory.

As you can see, 8 of the 12 images are from Iceland. I was also considering, to create an Iceland-only calendar for 2021, but when I was checking the 2020 folder on my disk, I got aware of a few other folders also containing treats. So, I made my preselection, which summed up to 50 images from the whole year. My youngest son and his girlfriend helped me reducing it to 12. For such a calendar I prefer landscape images over wildlife. Therefore the top wildlife images were printed out to hang them on my wall.

The next project is creating the yearbook. About 100 pages are waiting to be filled. That’s a job I usually do in December. The yearbook is a photobook containing the best images of the year. The most valuable memories. The treats of the year.

There’s a kid’s tale about a group of mice. All of them were working hard during summer and fall to collect food for the winter. But, one of them was not working that hard as the others did. Instead, he was looking around for the sun, the green grass, the colorful leaves in fall, and listened to the wind and the birds. The other mice were complaining to get the one mouse to help them. I do, the one mouse said. I’m collecting memories. And when the dark and cold winter days came, he was able to cheer the other up by telling them about the warmer days. He told them, how the wind sounded and smelled. Which colors the leaves have had and how the sun rays felt on their backs. That way all of them survived the hard winter.

That’s what I do, I’m collecting memories.

Although not planned that way, this post is kind of a review of 2020. I hope you don’t mind.

Stay safe and healthy!

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 120: “What a treat””

  1. What a marvelous way to enjoy your year’s work Andre – I LOVE the idea! Sadly, life being what it is, I no longer use a paper calendar or I would definitely “borrow” your idea. instead I guess the closest I get is the annual post of favorite photos of the year. You are so fortunate to have been able to travel during the pandemic, and what better place to do it than iceland! Unfortunately, no journeys for us this year but there’s always 2021 to look forward to. Hard to believe it’s just around the corner.

    1. Thank you so much, Tina. Yes, we were fortunate to be able to travel. At least some people. Sadly, it’s not possible for all as usual. Better being healthy and not travel, then traveling and suffering from Covid. We have to hope for the success of medical researchers these days. This virus came to stay.

  2. Iceland is a top treat, and your idea with calendars I do for my parents every year, but the book sounds great ! Maybe I will do that as well – but today I am very content with your post as a lovely treat!

    1. Thank you so much, Ann-Christine. I do a yearbook every year and dedicated books after important trips such as Iceland this year

  3. Gorgeous collection, Andre. I love your thoughts on “storing up” memories for the long winter. We had the same idea a few weeks ago when we took a brief road trip to Maine, where the covid numbers were very low. I like your idea of the year in photos. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Patti. The 2021 yearbook will be the 10th issue. It contains always the essence of the year, the top images from vacations, trips, photowalks, but could also contain macro, wildlife, still-lifes, or abstracts on up to 100 pages. Most (in general nearly all) of the pages only have one image. The size of the pages is nearly DIN A4, a format similar to the US format letter.

  4. What a marvellous thought! Your photos are a treat for the eyes. You are indeed lucky to have travelled to Iceland this year and what a trip it must have been . I especially loved the story of the mouse who collected memories, aren’t we all like him .😊
    Fantastic post !

    1. thank you so much, Sheetal. I love the story of the mouse. I guess you’re right. Many of us are collecting memories. Often things help us to remember.

  5. Dear Andre, this is my first time to your blog. I am glad I stopped by. Your photos are stunning. It will indeed be a happy time each time you turn the month over on your calendar next year. Well done.

  6. And what beautiful memories you have collected! I love this post. We, too, make a calendar each year of our trips just so we can re-live them once more on the subsequent year. Your selections are lovely. And they make me want to go to Iceland!

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