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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 121: “focus on the subject”

This week we have another educational topic as the theme for The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: “Focus on the subject” and Patti is our host.

“Focus on the subject ” – What does this mean. You know, sometimes you’re photographing a scene or a subject and in the end, the image does not represent what you’ve seen or felt. How can you change this? By focusing on the subject. It seems, at this point the cat bites in her own tail. So, let me explain this a bit. Focusing means you need to set the main subject in the most prominent place of the image and arrange all the other parts in a way to support the main subject. Hugh, very theoretical, right. Never mind, I’m explaining it now.

A couple of weeks ago, we had the topic “cropping” for LAPC. Cropping is a way of supporting the main subject. Here I’m not necessarily talking about cropping in post-production. Instead, use your zoom lens or decrease the distance between you and your subject. Especially, this is very important when composing your image. Just like Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you weren’t close enough”. And he was photographing soldiers during wars while fighting.

Giving the main subject room to breathe is also a technic of focussing on the subject as well as changing your point of view. Leading lines are also an important technique for supporting your main subject.


In case, I would be asked to organize a photo challenge, I’d already know the subject. It would help training the eye and focus on the point. In the past, I wrote down some rules to have in mind when trying to participate in a photo contest. Most of these rules are also to consider when you’re trying to focus on your subject.

Take care!

20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 121: “focus on the subject””

    1. Thanks, John. I like the perspective when the man with the kid passed me an my tripod. In the end I like this one even more, than the planned image 😊

  1. Beautiful examples of focusing on the subject, Andre, and I also enjoyed your thoughtful commentary! It’s impossible to choose a favorite image, but my votes are on your second, third, fourth, and final photos!

  2. Obviously not a new concept for you Andre – your images are wonderful examples of ways to move the eye of the viewer where you want it to go. Your bird images were my favorites of this beautiful set.

  3. Beautiful and interesting images André. Terrific clarity and colors- your lead and your final images really caught my eye. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Jane! You know, I love being near water, especially near moving water. Moving water never bores you because it’s constantly changing its shape. Staring at the moving water can calm you down. You can always recognize interesting things when you’re looking carefully. Try photographing moving water with your macro lens. Focus on the subject water and you’re amazed what it bears. Not only creeks but also the ocean shore has amazing things waiting to be discovered with your camera.

  4. Excellent series – and my absolute favorite is the last one. Interesting thoughts, and I also liked your compilation of rules for contest. Thank you.

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