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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 122: “The Sun will come out Tomorrow”

For Lens-Artists Photo challenge our guest host Ana of Anvica’s Gallery is asking for images showing positivity after the dark. Here we have a saying “the sun will shine again after the rain.” Many people are complaining about rainy days. But, they forget without rain nothing would grow. When nothing is growing, we wouldn’t exist. So, the rain is as necessary as the sun. The cold is as important as warmth and death has the same importance as birth.

Take care!

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 122: “The Sun will come out Tomorrow””

    1. Thank you, Janet. Hard rain is quite rare. Most times it‘s only drizzling. Uncomfortable, but nature does not benefit 😕

  1. Not surprisingly, your images are glorious this week Andre. I’m a sucker for a rainbow of course but they’re all beautifully composed and captured.

  2. I totally agree. I really like rainy days and I love the fog, with its mysterious atmosphere. But I also appreciate some sunshine, especially in winter. Thank you very much for participating. I really liked your pictures

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