10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: fall”

  1. A friend loaned me her house when I first arrived in France. Each day I walked alongside the Canal du Midi several times and this looks much like that did at the time. Unfortunately, those trees were found to be diseased and had to be removed. However, after soil tests were cleared the area was replanted. Unfortunately, it will be some time before they are that stunning again.

    1. growing trees needs time. These trees are old. But not every tree develops such a shape. These are plantains. With oaks, beeches, birches, or alders for example, this won’t work.

      1. I arrived in Trebes on the first of November so the colors were magnificent as you can imagine. I would walk back and forth between there and Carcassonne. Most of the trees there were like so many others here, planted by Napolean’s troops, and rather old.

        1. So, they had enough time to grow. I wasn’t aware, the Canal du Midi is so far south. But, to be honest, I only know the name and the translation. But, I probably won’t find it on the map. (At least, I’d start searching it near Caracassone, now) A couple of years ago, I watched a travel documentary on TV about to rent a houseboat and sail along the Canal du Midi. They did the trip in one week. I have to admit, the movie made me want to do that trip.

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