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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 124: “Now and then”

Our host this week for the Lens-Artists Photo-Challenge is Amy As this year is far away from normal, our activities changed a lot.

These images are taken on the platform of one of the major railway stations in Germany. There are a couple of stations, where the long-distance tracks are crossing and therefore many people are changing trains here. Usually, some hundred passengers are changing here from each train and every couple of minutes another long distance train arrives.

Both of the images are taken while waiting for my connection train to come in a couple of minutes. But, the platform is nearly empty. I guess, about 20 -30 people were waiting with me. Only 2 stops away from Frankfort Airport! The major airport in Germany.


Addendum from the comments to make sure you don’t miss this part of the story, as I know, not everyone scrolls through all the comments.

The story behind this little yellow guy is so:
When I came down with my bag to travel to Iceland this summer, my grandson (3 3/4 years old at that time) asked, where do you go to? My daughter (she’s the mother of the little boy) answered from the kitchen: He’s traveling to Iceland. And the young guy said: I’m going with you.

Now, all of us were laughing. After explaining that he can’t come with me, I came up with the idea to take one little guy (I guessed, he fits perfectly to the Icelandic weather) from his toy box and take it with me as a substitute for my grandson. I proposed to him, to send each evening a couple of photos via his mother’s mobile. And I did.

When I came back, I found it a shame to hide them on my hard drive or even delete them. So, I created an ebook with all these images instead. I even included a few short videos. You can see it here: (turn on the speakers of your computer or mobile when starting the videos).

Take care!