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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 129: “Favorite Photos of 2020”

Ok, it’s January 1st. So, it’s time for a look back on the past year. Did you like it? Did you love it? Or did you hate it?

I don’t want to review the year again, because I already did it twice.

My top landscape images are already published. So, what’s missing now? The birds are missing! And here they are:

In addition, I have the top 9 by votes of Instagram for you:

This post is part of the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. This time it’s organized by Tina Shell. Head over to her site to see her motivational post and links to many other posts inspired by hers.

8 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 129: “Favorite Photos of 2020””

  1. Well Andre, do you know the term “piker” ? Here in the US a piker is a slang term for someone less than capable, rather non-worthy. It’s not a terrible thing, just someone a bit inadequate. Your images often make me feel like a piker myself. These, like most others from your posts, are absolutely wonderful. Your puffins are terrific and I’m not sure what those colorful blue and yellow birds are but the image of several together is extraordinary. I also loved the oystercatcher on its nest. Wonderful captures all, thanks for sharing them with us. Glad to hear your family’s 2020 troubles seem to be resolved, and wishing all the best for you and yours in 2021.

    1. Oh, Tina, you are embarrassing me 🥰🤩 and I’m feeling so flattered. I didn’t know the term “piker” before. But, I know the idea behind it. The blue-and-yellow birds are European bee-eaters. This species is benefiting from global warming. They were at home in the warmer parts of i.e. Austria and Romania along the river Danube, because they need the warmth. In the meantime, they arrived even in the Netherlands and in Saxonia.

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