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Monochrome Monday 7-35

I wish you a belated Happy New Year with this image taken in December 2009 a few kilometers away from my home. Since then, we didn’t have had that much snow again. Overnight about half a meter of snow felt and made us a white Christmas. But, the untouched snow in this image is in my opinion also a great symbol for a new year. Some of your plans might already throw a shadow and pop out of the plain, but most of what the future will bring is still covered by uncertainness.

So, start with me in a new year and see, what the future will bring.

Take care!


4 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday 7-35”

  1. Thanks for letting us enjoy the snow, we seldom habe snow here in Belgium.
    All the best for 2021 and take good care too !

    1. Thanks, for you, too. That image is from 2009. We also have seldom snow nowadays. And when snow falls, it won’t last long, usually only a few hours. When I was a child, snow came in November and stayed until February/March

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