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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 132: “striped & checked”

Ok, this one is really hard, Ann-Christine. First, I assumed I’d have to give up this time. The only striped thing in my archive coming to my mind were cats.

But, fortunately, I found at least a few things.

30 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 132: “striped & checked””

  1. Smart solutions – love the guitar (I should have thought of that too…) . Cannot figure out the first one though? Of course my favourite still has to be the cat – a sweetie!

  2. You did indeed find some wonderful examples Andre. I’d never have thought of a cat but your kitten’s stripes are adorable. Of these, your field of flowers is my favorite – its colors are magical!

    1. In our state we have one tulip farmer and thatΒ΄s one of his fields. They grow the tulips and cut the blossoms right after they bloom to get fat onions. These onions are sold in garden centers. In the Netherlands they have many of these farmers. In Germany only this one. It’s about 60 km from where I live. So it’s quite hard to meet these few days when the blossoms are open but not cut.

        1. I guess, my wife will punch me, when I order further lagre prints. I already rotate 9 large prints in our living room, 90×60 cm each (about 35×24 inch)

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