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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 136: “Starting with an S”

Thanks, Patti, for this week’s challenge, subjects starting with an “S”.

Last weekend we have had fantastic winter weather. While the temperature was far below 0°C we got a quite thick layer of snow. The whole two weeks was already very cold. Icy air from Sibiria found its way to middle Europe. When it started raining Friday evening two weeks ago (Feb. 5th), the rain became ice-rain. Everything became covered by a quite thick layer of ice. Starting from Monday (Feb. 8th), we got more and more snow. From Friday before last (Feb. 12th) the sky became blue again. So, I used the weekend for a photo trip: hiking through a winter wonderland near home. That’s why I had to skip last week’s challenge. All the images in the first part of this post are from that trip.

Snow, sun, sky, slight, sledding, sport, stone, sunset, shadow, sunburst, Saturday, Sunday

The night before I was also outside for finding stars!

During this past week, the temperature changed enormously: from -10°C in the week before to +20°C this week. So, I went yesterday on a wildlife photography trip.

Squirrel, swan, spring, snowdrops, selfheal, snowy egret


And a bit from my archive: seal, stork, sparrow, sailships, spring snowflake, snowdrops, sunrise, sheep from Skye in Scotland, Snæfellsjökull (Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland), iceberg


Take care and enjoy the pre-spring