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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 139: “Special Moments”

It’s Tina’s turn to name the topic for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo challenge and she asks for “special moments”.

There are so many memorable moments in one’s life. Besides, moving to the first own apartment, own wedding, the birth of the first child, the first grand-kid, the first son’s marriage, ….. there is so much more to remember like getting un-injured to of a car after an accident or having survived very serious illnesses. So, I only name a few of them where I have images.

Sometimes a word, a smell, a feeling, a sound, or a light brings up memories deep from your inside you might otherwise not have been faced again. But, all of them are important and part of your inner self. Without them, you won’t be you.

Take care!

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 139: “Special Moments””

  1. Truly magical Andre – every one of them. For me, the true eye candy shots are the Aurora Borealis (yes I’m terribly jealous of that one), the cranes at sunset (fabulous capture) and the windmills in the fog. I’m humbled 😊

    1. Yeeeessss, the Aurora- that was truely magical and I‘d start again at once. I came back yesterday 5 years ago. Thanks, Tina

  2. Special moments, indeed! I love all of them, Andre.
    The Aurora Borealis is amazing, and the cranes is a breathtaking capture.

  3. Glorious memories, and the Aurora I have yet to see myself…Love Iceland of course, and wonderful Sagrada Familia.

  4. To capture so many moments is hard work. Mine are all on externals. These are lovely shots and kudos to you for gathering them together!

    1. This challenge is organized by 4 ladies. Alternating each of them is hosting the challenge. They were missing the weekly photo challenge by WordPress and started their own. I’m participating for some time and setting my pingback to the host’s post. When following that link, you can find the rules at the bottom of each of their posts. This was my first post for LAPC after dicovering this challenge in October 2019:

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