16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 141: “Geometry””

  1. So beautiful, Andre. I love your choices here…the lighthouse, the pier with the mountains in the distance, the red building in the snow…wonderful!!

  2. Too bad you couldn’t find any appropriate images Andre LOL!!! Absolutely loved what you did with the holed-sphere on Black and White split background. Great idea, very creative. Of course all of the other images are perfect as well but that one really grabbed my attention.

    1. Thank you so much, Tina. I was in a hurry that I forgot to write a few words to each image. Great, you love the baby’s ball. It’s a toy my grand-son used to play with when he was about half a year old. It’s for training the grasping. It’s soft and flexible, so a baby can’t hurt herself and it’s easy to be kept clean. It’s about the size of a big orange or a grapefruit.

  3. Great gallery. My favorites were the set with the pier leading towards the mountains (because i like the photo subject as well) and the one next to it with the fantastic upward view.


    1. Thanks, Janet. 😊 The pier is in Bavaria. I was looking for such a location for some time. You can’t find them on each lake. So, I‘m very happy to have found it. The other image is take in Norway. It’s the front portal of the Tromsœ library.

  4. These are remarkable images and excellent choices for the geometry theme. The B&W images show the lines and shape incredibly beautiful!

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