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Travel Tuesday: at visit at the shore

What a huge bay. Nearly no people (find the tiny black dots at the edge of the bright sand in the distance). Following the only path for about 20 minutes from the parking lot and you’re alone with the wind, the sea, and the shore.

A few minutes later, I turned back and saw a very dark sky and rain falling from the dark clouds. Very fast, the rain reached us and we got wet. Very wet. I guess, I never was that soaking wet before (except when went swimming or taking a shower).

Only about 20 minutes later, the rain moved further and the sky was perfectly blue again. But, my tracking clothes were drenched and each step in my tracking shoes felt like treading water (but, inside my shoes). The rain went through the fabric of my trousers and ran down my legs to wet my feet, socks, and shoes. 😫 In general, the fabric of my tracking pants is quite water-resistant. But, that rain was much too heavy. In my backpack, I had a rain cover to hide completely under it, but the rain came too fast and too heavy. No option to open the backpack without flooding it. To be honest, I already was in heavy rain a couple of times before and never got that wet _inside_ my clothes or shoes. So, I didn’t expect to get soaked. Iceland 2014 was heavy when talking about becoming wet from rain. Whole days of heavy rain. But, this quite short rain was heavier. 😳😲

While my tracking pants dried in about 10 minutes and the jacket didn’t need too much longer, drying the socks and the shoes was a bigger problem. Fortunately, we were heading to our vacation home. So, I was able to change the socks. But, I had to get the shoes dry. There was a plan, to go out again that evening near sunset.

But putting paper towels and tissues in the shoes while not wearing them and helping a bit with a hairdryer, I got them dry enough for another use that evening just in time.

Lesson learned: never again take only one pair of hiking shoes on a trip!

Take care!


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