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Get your own copy of Excire Foto *** sweepstake powered by the creators of Excire Foto***

Today, I have something special for you. I’m currently preparing a review of the most recent version of Excire Foto. In my opinion, each photographer needs such software, regardless if one is a pro or a hobbyist. While I was preparing the post, a marketing email reached my inbox with keys. I got voucher codes for Excire Foto to raffle them off among my followers. So, you can win one of the serials.

To win one of the vouchers, I want you to post in the comments two things:

  1. why do you want/need Excire Foto
  2. how big is the pile of images on your disk to dig through for finding a certain image i.e. for using it for a competition, a blog post, or friends and family

I’m putting all replies into a hat and ask my daughter to draw the winners.

I’m running the same drawing in my German blog, too. I’m putting each commenter’s name in the hat only once. The comment has to be filed here in my blog on or on my German blog. (No Twitter, no Instagram, no Facebook). The drawing will take place after my vacation: June, 14th. Only comments with a timestamp before June 14th, 00:00h are eligible for the drawing.

When entering your comment for a chance to win, you’re accepting to receive a one-time email in case you’re drawn containing the voucher code and some instructions on how to get the software. The data will not be used for any other purpose.

The key feature of Excire Foto are

  • analyzing the contents of your photos by subject, color, shape
  • tagging your photos by using AI
  • maintaining a database with some basic metadata like Camera, focal length
  • everything is analyzed locally on your computer (no upload to a cloud)
  • manual tagging possible besides the AI tagging
  • searching and finding images based on Camera, color, tag, similarity, and many more criteria

Update June, 14th: the raffle is closed. The winners are notified – congrats to the winners 😊

Take care.

14 thoughts on “Get your own copy of Excire Foto *** sweepstake powered by the creators of Excire Foto***”

  1. 1) I bought LR 14? years ago? A decade ago? I seem to recall it being…fussy, not intuitive. I don’t know if I’d have to buy it anew in order to use this plugin. I was thinking of giving photo mechanic a try. But if I can update my LR well then, sure, I’ll use it and let you know how it goes. 😀

    2) On my disk? I’m always riding that crash zone. On my externals? A great deal more photos that I would love to be able to search through in an instant to find something.

  2. 1) I am constantly wasting time on trying to find a picture I want to show to someone. I was searching quite some time now for a working „Taging“-App. Seems like Excire could be just that App.

    2) I‘m not 100% sure how many files I‘ve got. But it must be around 50-100k Raws. So it‘s wuite a pile of pictures to dig through.

  3. 1. When relatives come and ask me to show that picture of Aunty Joyce and Uncle Jack in Wales I’m faced with 100K photos with limited keywording. I need a quick fix, is it Excire Foto?
    2.My Raw editing software is not ideal for sifting, selecting and culling images. Its so slow. Hopefully this job will be faster in Excire Foto.

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