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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 158: “Along back country roads”

This week we have another guest host for The Lens-Artists Photo challenge: Beth. She reminds us, to not only discover the cities or national parks, where everyone goes to. Instead, discover the beauty of the backcountry or hinterland. Btw. hinterland is a borrowed word from German and means, you guess it, hinterland or as the Aussies would say outback.



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Take care!

14 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 158: “Along back country roads””

    1. Thanks, Tina. Both images are take at May 1st. It’s spring and therefore we see this fresh green. A nice sunny and warm day.

    1. Thanks, Julie. Unfortunately, these kind of roads isn’t common anymore. Up the 1950/1960s this kind of roads were very common. Nowadays, such avenues are rare and therefore noticed in travel guides. This road is part of the Germany wide so called Alleenstraße (avenue road). With interruptions you can travel throughout Germany on such avenues from north to south. This part is in Western Germany.

        1. Yep. But, in our world of cars and lorries using the streets much more than in the past, the streets got clogged too often. And in fall the fallen foliage makes the roads very slippery. So, I can understand why city governments removed them. But, you’re right, it’s a pity. Nowadays, these roads are most often protected. And that’s great 😃

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