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Travel Tuesday: welcome to the Fairy Glen

This is Castle Ewen. Not a real castle or ruins of a former man-made building. Instead, it’s a rock. But, shaped like a tower of a castle.

The tradition says it’s built by the little folk also known as elves living in this glen (valley). On the other hand, geologists say, it’s created by glaciers. Decide your own, which explanation you take. Either way, enjoy the beauty of the valley and respect nature.

Leave nothing but footprints (without harming plants) and take nothing but photos and memories!

Take care!


6 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: welcome to the Fairy Glen”

    1. 😳 that might be the reason why I also was unable to see elves and fairies. I didn’t had a special filter to see them 😮

          1. Wow, that was a long time ago, the time of the Weekly Photo Challenge I’m guessing. I miss it and that it came out on Friday. I enjoy Lens-Artists but I wish they’d publish the theme the week before and make my weekend better. 🙂

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