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Throwback Thursday: meeting the cranes

Full-frame, 400mm, f7.1, 1/30, ISO 3200

What a morning! Thousands of common cranes are standing in the shallow water about 200 meters away from me. I arrived at night and waited for sunrise. I was soooo lucky for the beautiful light. First, we got a soft pinkish sky Turing to gold later. After sunrise, peu-a-peu the big birds started into their daily routine and flying over me heading to the fields to collect seeds for breakfast and storing energy for the long and exhausting flight to the south. And how much noise!

It’s already 4 years đŸ˜Č

Take care!


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Travel Tuesday: traffic lights

Repairing roads is necessary in every country. Sometimes part of the road have to be closed to repair or work on the other side. Here, in Germany, they would have installed 2 temporary traffic lights to solve the problem. It’s amazing to see, who different some solutions for common problems are: taxi van + STOP/GO-sign in a workers hand. Btw. years ago, they would have ordered 2 workers with a flag to manage the problem here. But nowadays not without the temporary traffic lights.

Take care!


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Throwback Thursday: Photokina time (not)

This is the time of the year when each second year Photokina was held. Last year I wrote about my expectation, Photokina might be dead. We will see if I was right.

I visited this fair a couple of times. I was the world-leading fair related to photography. Last year the fair was canceled because of the pandemic. This year would be supposed to be a non-Photokina year when following the original schedule. Besides, the organizers modified the schedule. Instead of a week each second year in September, the fair now is supposed to last only 3 days each May since 2019.

Take care!


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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 166: “Artificial light”

Our world isn’t dark anymore. Many, many lights turning darkness into bright light each day night, resulting in a lot of problems for nature. Insects are attracted by the many lights and disturbed in their natural communication. Many mammals are active during dark times. Those animals can’t hide anymore properly. And we need all those animals although they don’t need us. Even astronomists are struggling with the huge amounts of light at nighttime: light-pollution. Take a look and see: no dark areas at night.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for having proper illumination at home and at work. But, I’m sure, we can do more, to have the security at night from the light and at the same time preserve nature.



We really turned night to day and I have to admit, I like many of the illuminations.

Thanks, Ann-Christine, for this wonderful theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

P.S. don’t forget to click on the images to enlarge them.

Take care!

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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 165: “go wide”

I love taking panoramic photos. When looking at the statistics, you can see, the wide-angel lenses are used very often. Unfortunately, the main parts become quite small, when using such a lens. So, I often take a couple of images with a longer focal length lens and stitch them together in post-processing to preserve the details.

4 * 90mm (full-frame)


13 * 50mm (full-frame)


12 * 24mm (full-frame, vertical)


23 * 85mm (full-frame, vertical)

When printing this last image in 30cm (1ft) height, it would be 200cm (7ft) wide, to give you an idea of the size and the view angle.

For this technic, you need overlapping images. Approximately 1/3 of each image should overlap with 1/3 to each neighboring image to have enough room to stitch the image properly. I often turn the camera to take the images vertically and almost always I mount it on my tripod.

Thanks, Patti, for this wonderful theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: it’s too early for fall!

It’s early September. So, in 2 weeks fall starts according to the calendar. In recent years, fall usually started not before October, in some years not before November. But, this year is different. Fall already started in early June. Nearly no fruits on the trees and bushes here in my region. The apple tree in our garden has severe problems: the apples and the lower leaves rot and mold on the tree. We got exactly 10 apples while 5 of them are to be thrown directly on the compost heap. According to a professional gardener, this is a result of the low temperatures and the high amount of humidity because of the frequent and heavy rains. The image below is taken a couple of years ago.

Yesterday, I read the EU published a report stating 2021 was the hottest summer ever (since the beginning of the weather recording). I can’t confirm and according to co-workers from northern France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, the summer over there also didn’t deserve that name. 😩 So, the summer in other parts of Europe (i.e. Poland and Finland according to other co-workers, Italy, Greece, and so on) must have been even hotter to balance the low temperatures in West-Europe.


Btw. the weather forecast proposed the next rain front starting from today and last at least until mid of next week. Fortunately, the last 5 days were kind of summerly.

Take care!


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Travel Tuesday: on guard

Do you remember that I proposed a surprise 3 weeks ago? Here we are. Right inside the castle of Fairy Glen, having the watchtower now to the right and looking in direction of the ‘gate’, where hoards of stones are laying around. The whole ensemble reminded me of an army of trolls, surprised by sunrise, and thus turned to stone.

What did they want inside the forecourt of the ‘castle’? Was the stone-helix their goal? Who knows.

By the way, friends of mine were in the same place two years later. See, how the place changed đŸ˜Č!  As they are using their blog as a diary and covering a whole day in one pose, you have to scroll down a bit. Someone removed all the stones. One can only find the traces of the spiral.

Take care!


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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 164: “looking up and down”

We have another guest host for LAPC: Sofia Alves

The first thing coming to my mind when recognizing the theme was the WIM of 2012. When standing on the ground, we were looking up to see all the colorful hot-air balloons of soo many different shapes flying over us.

And the next morning, we had the other view: looking down from one of the balloons.


Take care!

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Throwback Thursday: Eos is rising

The Greeks called her Eos, the Romans called her Aurora. She was supposed to run ahead of the four stallions pulling the carriage of her brother Helios (Sol for the Romans) and announce him on his track over the sky. Their other sister, Selene (Luna for the Romans), is following the carriage as the last light of the day.

In this image, we have, besides the first light of the day, the first-morning fog, and the last stars in the sky. It’s taken literally between night and day.

Take care!