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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 164: “looking up and down”

We have another guest host for LAPC: Sofia Alves

The first thing coming to my mind when recognizing the theme was the WIM of 2012. When standing on the ground, we were looking up to see all the colorful hot-air balloons of soo many different shapes flying over us.

And the next morning, we had the other view: looking down from one of the balloons.


Take care!

15 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 164: “looking up and down””

  1. Marvelous, Andre, especially that last shot on the right of the balloon reflection. I’m not sure I could go up in a balloon because I have a thing about heights, but I might give it a try one day. Lots of balloons in the Southwest, especially in New Mexico.


    1. Up to now, I did 3 balloon rides. It’s soo fantastic. But I can understand, it’s not for everyone. You don’t have much room, but fire above your head. You can see a lot while the balloon is going with the wind and turns slowly. I saw the small lake ahead of us. But because of the veey slow spinning of the balloon I was unsure, if I would get my shot. I’m so happy, that it worked.

  2. This is wonderful! I always wanted to go on a hot-air balloon but I don’t think my vertigo would allow…
    Love the last one, if I would have to pick, but they are all great.

  3. What a perfect choice for the challenge Andre! Loved the cat balloon 😊. How did you enjoy the balloon ride? We did one in Australia and it was awesome!

    1. Thank you so much, Tina. I loved the ride. Since then, I redid it twice, including a winter trip in the Bavarian Alps. It’s sooo amazing. 🤩

  4. These are awesome! I haven’t tried going on this…I wonder if I can? ot if I want to. I think I am scared.

    1. Thanks, Teresa. I can understand if someone fears taking a flight in a balloon. It’s the same for me when it comes i.e. to paragliding or base-jumping.

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