22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: already fall?”

  1. Autumn has come to our little corner of France. Leaves are falling rapidly and the vendange is in full swing. Despite the beauty, I miss summer already. However, I know you will capture the beauty of this season for all of us. 🙂

          1. One year, I’d like to see you visit during the Vendange armed with a camera or two… What an exhibit that would be.

              1. I do hope so. You won’t be tempted by some of these marvelous wines… Black and white is great but the colors of the vines are stunning and deserve to be seen.

            1. hmm, ok, and what would be the right time and place? The south coasts of the North Sea and Baltic Sea are already in the middle (near the end) of the big migration

              1. It depends what you want. One could easily spend a few months traveling France. Nearby Leucate starts in August and their Muscat is highly regarded. Here in the Corbieres we begin in late August and sometimes spill over into a bit of October. Each vigneron has his own calendar as does each vin cave. Some are using huge machines and many others still cling to the old hand cut method. In my “limited” personal opinion, I find the traditional wines are the best. The gauntlet has been put down.

  2. Although I wouldn’t have expected it, we have mushrooms (or at least fungi) here in Arizona. They’re shaped nothing like this, though. 🙂 You picked (so to speak) one with attractive details. I’ve missed hunting for mushrooms in France with my sister-in-law as I haven’t been there for two years now due to Covid. 😦


    1. my grandfather was a mushroom connoisseur. Quite often he went mushroom collecting with us. But, my mother often threw those away she not knew, although my grandfather told her they were edible. My father told us when he was a child, they usually went mushroom collecting before Sunday morning service. I can also remember, when my parents were on a Sunday or Saturday afternoon walk, my father usually carried a walking stick like umbrella. When he noticed mushrooms, the umbrella was used to carry them home. For me, I trust restaurants but never ever go collecting mushrooms myself.

      1. My husband worried about the mushrooms we collected but my s-i-l knew which ones were safe and delicious. Of course you can take mushrooms to pharmacies in France and find out whether or not they’re safe as well, but it’s easier if someone already knows. 🙂

        1. Definitely it’s easier to know them yourself. I quess, I‘m able to recognize 2 or 3 kinds. But I‘m not eager enough to go on a hunt for them 😊

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