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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 165: “go wide”

I love taking panoramic photos. When looking at the statistics, you can see, the wide-angel lenses are used very often. Unfortunately, the main parts become quite small, when using such a lens. So, I often take a couple of images with a longer focal length lens and stitch them together in post-processing to preserve the details.

4 * 90mm (full-frame)


13 * 50mm (full-frame)


12 * 24mm (full-frame, vertical)


23 * 85mm (full-frame, vertical)

When printing this last image in 30cm (1ft) height, it would be 200cm (7ft) wide, to give you an idea of the size and the view angle.

For this technic, you need overlapping images. Approximately 1/3 of each image should overlap with 1/3 to each neighboring image to have enough room to stitch the image properly. I often turn the camera to take the images vertically and almost always I mount it on my tripod.

Thanks, Patti, for this wonderful theme for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

Take care!

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 165: “go wide””

  1. Wow, Andrè!! A fabulous post. These panoramas are fantastic! Where are they taken? I’ve never tried to stitch my images together. Interesting idea.

    1. Thanks, Patti. The images are from Germany (Saxonian Switzerland), northern Norway, and Iceland. The last one is the town where I currently live. I case, you want to know the exact location, drop me a line. Here in my blog I published a post on how to create these images. It’s quite easy when you know how to do it.

        1. Jain (German inofficial word to say Ja = yes and Nein = no at the same time). A few years ago I got borrowed an Olympus OM-E1 for a few hours which had that feature built-in. I was quite amazed by the results. My current DSLR also has that feature, but I have never tried it up to now. I definitely don’t do enough macro for trying it. While the Olympus was able to only deliver the final JPG but not RAWs, my DSLR would be able to give me the RAW files so I could stack them myself. I have the proper software, but as I said, never tried it up to now.

  2. Well now THAT is going wide indeed Andre! I’ve done a bit of photo stitching but definitely not a favorite thing. I love your Iceland (?) image. Have you printed that one and if so in what size? Would love it see it blown up.

    1. Thanks, Tina. I’m going to calculate the size later and come back to you. No, it’s not printed up to now. Btw. You’re right, the 3rd one is Iceland. The 2nd one is northern Norway

    2. the image from Norway would be 300 cm (10ft) broad when printing it with a height of 30 cm (1 ft) and the Icelandic canyon 125×30 cm (4.167×1 ft)

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. I always hated to either have been unable to step further away and/or minimize the details. I even have a panoramic film camera

  3. Beautiful. It is notable that the snowy range, Northern Norway, photo, when opened full size on my iPad, expands very nicely and holds a lot of detail. Well done.

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