5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: 11 years ago – a visit in paradise”

    1. There are mountains. Made of solid granite. These islands are literally high mountains growing from the ground of the ocean. That’s different to i.e. the Maldives or coral islands. Some of them,, like i.e. La Dique, even have a mountain above the sea level.
      I‘m defining Paradise a bit different: not too hot, not cold, no dangerous animals, no annoying insects, no possibility of Tsunamis, no cyclones, high variance of fish around the islands, fruits, not overcrowded, beautiful landscapes, nice warm ocean, very friendly people, no building higher than the palmtrees allowed

        1. Don’t worry, Janet. I know everyone understands it differently and that‘s perfectly fine. So, no excuses necessary 😊Imagine all humans were thinking exactly the same, eat the same, dress the same …. gosh, how terrible

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