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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 171: “Weird and Wonderful”

Ok, it’s Saturday and it’s time for The Lens-Artists Photo challenge, hosted by Ann-Christine this week. Jump over to her side to see how you can participate. It’s easy: write your own post on your blog and link it to her introduction post.

When talking about weird and Wonderful, Antonio Gaudi first comes up to mind. This genius Catalan architect lived and worked in Barcelona, where you can still see many of his buildings. Unfortunately, he was unable to finish his masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia. But, fortunately, the city of Barcelone was finally able to find a way to finish this fantastic building.

In the past, I have already shown some of his wonderful artistic buildings. Come with me and remember:

First row: Hospital de Santa Creu i Sant Pau

Second row: Casa Milà

The third row starts with Cása Bartlló and ends with Park Güell

fourth row: La Sagrada Familia and this for more.

Antonio Gaudi got his inspiration from nature and was able to form stone after the natural structure. To get some more information about him, read this post.

As usual, click in the images to enlarge them 🙂


thanks, Ann-Christine for this wonderful idea!

Take care!


29 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 171: “Weird and Wonderful””

  1. You nailed it perfectly here – Gaudí is the master. He is one of my favourite artists and architects ever. He took architecture to a new level with his innovative and creative mind. His work may have seemed weird at first, and maybe he was not that well liked from the start, but when the world was ready for him, his work was considered masterpieces. Beautiful post, Andre.

    1. Thank you so much, Ann-Christine. You really made it to the point. I also love his work. It was a pleasure to see it in real.

        1. Me, too. Me, too. As far as I know, it’s planned finishing the cathedral 2026 for the 100th anniversary of his death.

    1. Thank you so much, Janet. Although I‘m not a friend of big cities, Barcelona is definitely worth a visit. Not only because of Gaudí. There is much more to discover 😊

  2. Ah, it has been two years since I’ve made my way to Barcelona and all the treats, visual and otherwise. Alas, Covid-19 has made things a bit difficult. When a friend comes from California for her visits, I usually pick her up at the airport there and we spend a few days or a week before heading back home to France and the delights here.

  3. We visited many Gaudi installations in Barcelona – definitely weird! Although I am not one of his biggest fans I can appreciate his originality and his flair for color and structure. Your images are wonderful as always Andre

  4. He was definitely the weird one. I loved those chimneys in Casa Mila too, and definitely enjoyed the other buildings you have here as well. They have so many interesting thing to see: it’ll be hard for different people to come back with the all the same photos from them.

    1. Yes, there are soooo many angels and details to discover. I was there wich a few friends. All of them are photographers, too. None of us had a duplicate of an image of someone else. I guess, you need days for each of his buildings to discover all the hidden gems.

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