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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 173: “Amazing Architecture”

For this Lens-Artists Photo Challenge hosted by Tina, I could simply have copied my post 171 published two weeks ago. But, I want to show you something different this week. Last week I had to skip because I was too busy. At least the next two weeks I have to skip, too, because I’m off. My regular posts are scheduled, so you can still find new stuff here.

Architecture is an old art. The building of Colone Cathedral was started more than 800 years ago. Think of the pyramids in Egypt or Middle America, they are much older. Next, we have the Frauenkirche in Dresden, followed by one of the dancing buildings in Duesseldorf created by Frank Gehry.

The images of the second row are taken in Frankfurt a couple of years ago.

Row three starts with one of the historic stations of the Wuppertal suspension train, followed by the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Müngstener Brücke, the highest iron train bridge in Germany. It was created in 1897 and spans over 170m at 107 meters above the ground.

We also have mother nature as a wonderful architect. She created so lightweight but strong contractions, like leaves, feathers, snail houses, or our own skeleton, and much more. Also among the birds, there are fantastic architects. This moorhen is only one of the very talented birds. Think of the baya in Africa and their skills in sewing their nests as well as some insects.

In the last row, I put two very artistic buildings. They have no special purpose. They are only art and landmarks.


Take care!