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Lens-Artists Photo Challange 177: “Celebrating”

As I wrote on Thursday, I’m back from my trip to Namibia. Thus, my pause in participating in the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge has ended. This week, Amy is our host, and she wants us to show images celebrating something.

December is a month of a huge variety of different reasons to celebrate: Advent, Chanukah, Christmas, Year’s End, 13 birthdays in my family and my close friends, and I guess, you can name many more depending on the region or country you’re living. Not counting all the other requests like i.e. for visiting Christmas Markets, company Christmas celebrations, Advent celebrations of churches, schools, kindergartens, associations, and other local communities. You know, what I mean. December is a very, very busy month when thinking of celebrating something.

Therefore, I opted for something completely different. I picked this image taken Friday night last week in Namibia. It was our last evening in the wilderness. The next morning (Saturday) we went back to Windhoek to fly back home on Sunday evening. That last night was the end of a wonderful trip through a wonderful and amazing country. On that last trip, we saw again some examples of the wonderful fauna of Namibia embedded in the amazing landscape of the Kalahari desert. It ended with celebrating sundown.

Besides some beverages, we had some fruits, sweet pastries, thin Namibian air-dried sausages like salami but thinner than my small finger, and of course biltong (coin-sized dried meat pieces).

P.S. when looking at the post now, I’m thinking if I should also file it for last week’s LAPC called “one image, one story” hosted by Ann-Christine.

Take care!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challange 177: “Celebrating””

  1. Thank you for sharing this special celebrating moment in Namibia with us, Solaner.
    Enjoy your trip!

    1. Thanks, John. I felt quite save in Namibia. They only have an incidence of about 2. But, South Africa is near. So, ……. That’s the pro side of being back 😊

  2. Sounds like a fabulous trip, and a beautiful adventure! Thank you for giving it to me and my challenge as well!

  3. Oh I am so envious of your journey Andre! Namibia is a place I’d love to visit. I promise next week/s challenge will give you an excellent opportunity to share some of your favorite images from the trip if you so choose 😊. Loved your choice fo both Amy and A-C’s challenges

    1. 😁 for me, it also was a long way to get there. Have you also checked my post from Thursday about the trip? I wish, I’d already know the theme for next week to prepare something 😊

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