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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 178: “My choice: a small Namibia selection”

Today’s host for The Lens-Artists Photo-Challenge is Tina. Her topic for today is “you choose” 😊 How funny. From her comments on my post last week I know, she’s quite eager to see some images from Namibia. Thus, I made a tiny selection from the images taken there.

I’m still in quarantine. Because I’m working from home, the two past weeks didn’t look different than the months before. Nevertheless, I was able to develop a couple of images. I’m not done developing my images from Namibia, but there are some I can show right now.

As usual, click on an image to enlarge it.

Take care!

26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 178: “My choice: a small Namibia selection””

  1. WOWWWW. REALLY… GOOD… photos. I correctly guessed, to myself, ‘oryx’, for the long antlered animal. I love the head shots, mongoose, giraffe, oryx. Beautiful starry night. Every photos was taken with a ‘good eye’.

    1. thank you so much, John. yes, the oryx are those antelopes with the long, thin horns and the small standing one is a meerkat, not a mongoose

          1. Wikipedia enlightens about springboks, i.e. ‘pronking’ and ‘the don’t drink any water during their lives’. Fascinating.

  2. Oh my gosh Andre! I knew they’d be good but you outdid even my highest expectations. You merited 2 “oh my god”s for the sunrise (or sunset??) and the night sky. I also loved the simple sand dune/blue sky. Marvelous composition on that one. And I’d seen the house in the sand before but was really bland you got those as I love everything I see on that. The sunburst on the window was a nice differentiator. Beautifully done!

    1. thank you soooo much, Tina. The I didn’t include a sunrise in this selection. So, you guessed right: it’s a sunset. The single, abandoned house is a former railway station. Although the railway is still operating (instead of removing snow, they have to remove sand on a regular basis), the old stations are abandoned like the miners town Kolmanskop, a few kilometres to the right.

  3. Wonderful, wonderful, Andre! Totally love all of them – and meercats are so sweet. The sand moving into houses makes for beautiful photography – I enjoyed every minute.

  4. Beautiful. I love the shots of sand inside abandoned houses. I’m also quite intrigued by the sky shot. Long exposure on a fixed support? Not one of the mountings for astrophotography?

    1. thanks! the night sky shot was taken with my wide-angle lens (12mm) attached to my full-frame camera while having it mounted on my tripod. Although I have a special tracking mount for balancing the earth rotation, I didn’t take it to Namibia. For nearly all the time, the full moon was out at night, so that night photography was nearly impossible. My aim was to capture at least a shot of the center of the milky way. But, the milky way went too early (right after sunset) below the horizon. So, of all bad combinations, it didn’t have any sense to put the additional weight into the luggage. By using ISO 1600, the fully opened aperture gave me an exposure time of 30 seconds. So, I was safe to avoid trailing stars in the image. For my camera-lens-combination, the longest possible exposure time would be 41.6 seconds. When adding some safety headroom, 30 seconds is the maximum exposure time. In the image, you can find the milky way parallel to the horizon. It’s taken at 20:47. Sunset was at 19:23 and at 21:05 the milky way was supposed to vanish below the horizon. Because of the hills at the horizon, this would happen even a bit earlier. So, even nearly 1,5 hours after sunset, the sky was quite bright to give the stars the room the twinkle.
      Yes, the image is quite impressive compared to what’s possible here in middle Europe. But, I’m not really happy with it.

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