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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 179: “serene”

Thank you, Patti, for this week’s theme for The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge “serene” and call it the opposite of the busy time we usually have before Christmas. In my case, 13 birthdays during December are coming on top, not counting the Advent and Christmas festivities for groups like colleges, buddies, neighbors, and so on from kindergarten, school, work, church, … you name it. I just returned from my son’s birthday party.

Next, I had a lookup in the dictionary for meaning and synonyms.

Now, I’m ready for my tiny collection: take a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of water, lean back, close your eyes, and imaging the most beautiful place you have been in your life or the place of your dreams.

Seychelles – the place of my dreams. This dream came true in 2010


What a sunset! That night in June 2014, the sky was burning in Iceland!


This sunset was not that far away from home: Belgium in fall 2014


And I’m closing with these images from Namibia last month.



As usual, by clicking on the images you can increase them.

Take care!

16 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 179: “serene””

  1. Absolute gorgeous collection, Andre. Stunning! I’m so glad you shared them with us. We all need some serenity right now!! 😀

  2. Well Andre, I’ve heard of starry, starry nights, but OMG that Namibia sky is simply incredible. As always, loved them all but that one simply touches one’s soul.

    1. thanks, Tina. You’re right, in Namibia you can see so much more stars than here in middle Europe (and probably also in the dense inhabited areas of the US)

      1. Well, here on the beach at Kiawah we have a “lights-out” rule on the beach because we have loggerhead turtle nests. We have zillions of stars, far more than most places, but not like that!

        1. Lights-out is a good idea nowadays. A couple of years ago, I was in Cuba. Even Cuba has lots of more stars than Europa (not looking on northern Scandinavia), Namibia has more of them.

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