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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 181: “Double Dipping”

This week Tina challenges us to show some work out of our own page. hmmm, I usually don’t participate in other challenges than LAPC. So, I don’t have something to say today and I was considering skipping this week. But, I have two other pages for you:

  1. Monochromia: when you’re a lover of monochrome images, this site is for you! You can find images published at least twice a day from many very talented photographers around the world working in different fields of photography. I’m a regular contributor over there. My slot is Friday 13:00h/1 p.m. New York time. But, I’m always reblogging it here, too.
    Here’s one of my last images, I published over there:
  2. The other one is my other, my personal, Blog. Currently, I’m running a poll to find the images for my next calendar. You’re invited to participate. Simply jump over and vote for your favorite images. The instructions are on top of the page in German first and in English below. It’s completely anonymous. I’d be very happy to get a lot of participants.


Take care!


10 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 181: “Double Dipping””

  1. I’d forgotten all about Monochromia, which I used to visit regularly Andre – I’ll have to add it back to my list! And your personal survey is a great idea. I’ll head there next. Thanks for re-thinking this one and jumping in!

    1. The chosen focal length of 24mm attached to my full-frame body contributes to this effect. We standing on a watching point and approximately 100m above the river. The bridge is approximately half a kilometer away. On the other hand, the leaves to the left and at the bottom of the image are right beside and in front of me. The chosen aperture in combination with the wide-angle lens takes care of the big field of depth.

    1. Thank you so much, Amy. It’s the river Moselle here in Germany, an important wine growing area. Nearly all fruits are used for making white wine.

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