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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 186: “low light”

A day come to its end

Birds and other animals head to their preferred place for staying the dark and dangerous night

The sun says good night to the mountains 

and another actor enters the stage.


Nowadays, humans are usually not afraid of the night anymore.

In the city when the shops are closed and only the owner or the employees are in to clean up.


At night at the bus stop. No one is around. Everything seems peaceful and silent.


When having a walk in the park now, you can enjoy the silence. Traffic noises from far reaching your ear


Artificial light. For millennia, fire and candles were the only artificial light source.

Nowadays, it’s different

Especially in the cities, you have a lot of lights turning the dark to the new day

But, after crossing the city limits and bringing some kilometers or miles between you and the city

you can start experiencing natural light again.

light pollution to the right from a city in about 50km distance, but already some stars in the sky above

Orion nebula
Aurora Borealis / Polar light / Northern light

After a dark night, the next morning starts

From dusk ’til dawn, the light isn’t absent. It’s still present, but on a (very) low level.

Thanks, Sofia, for this enlightening challenge this week for The Lens-Artists Photo challenge.

Why don’t head over to her site, look for the rules, and also write a post.

Take care!

18 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 186: “low light””

  1. Wonderful as always Andre – I especially liked the way you sequenced your beautiful images which made perfect sense. You’re so right about the light!

  2. As usual, I enjoyed all of these but especially the last three. The one where you mention walking in the quiet of the park (and with snow in the photo) makes me yearn for those winter mornings in Illinois where I was the only human in the park and the silence was wonderfully overwhelming.


    1. Thank you so much, Janet😊 oh, yeah, being up before sunrise for greeting the rising sun is so rewarding despite it’s very hard to leave a cozy warm bed that early.

  3. Absolutely brilliant. I love them all and I can’t really pick one. I like the diversity of them within the theme. Thank you so much for joining in.

  4. What a wonderful post, Andre. I love how you sequenced your photos and paired them with your thoughts. Your photos beautifully express the photographer’s love of light!

    1. 😊 thanks, Teresa. It was amazing to see all those cranes coming to their sleeping places each evening in so huge numbers. It’s taken at migration time in fall at a place where they gather and after a few weeks fly south together

  5. Love your choices, Andre – all of them. But, the lights when you leave the city, the snow, the stars…and the cranes! I was lucky to see them gathering in thousands at Hornborgasjön, and I will never forget it. Great post, images and text.

    1. Thank you so much, Ann-Christine. Thousands of pausing cranes is an absolute wow-experience. They were even able to persuade my wife when I showed them to her a few years ago.

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