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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 187: “water”

This week, Anne is our host for LAPC. Her topic is water, a topic I wished for so long and would be mine, in case I were asked for a topic.

Without water, life on earth were impossible. At least, that kind of life, we know. But, water is extremely flexible. You can find it nearly everywhere and in many different appearances. When asking a physicist , she will tell you, water has 3 different appearances: solid, liquid, and gaseous. Thus, I try to show you all of them.

Ice, solid as a rock.


Water as a surface and above the surface: the sea, the rain, and the clouds.


Hot water releases steam.



Steam climbs up in higher regions and forms clouds.


When there is enough water in the air, it starts falling down: rain!



Some have fun in the rain.

Others have fun with snow, also a kind of solid water.


And rivers bring the water back to the sea.

Although some (many?) humans tend to complain about the rain, this is what it would look like without water:

Take care!


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20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 187: “water””

    1. Thanks, Anne. It seemed natural for me to show images where the water is the main subject and not only supplying (except the one with the kid) 😊

    1. Thank you so much, Janet. As I said in the beginning, I had this topic in my mind for so long, that I didn’t need to think long about which images to choose and how to tell the story. 😊

  1. This is wonderful, Andre. I love your approach to the subject. Your photos illustrate the process and properties of water–as ice, steam, rain, snow etc…. so beautifully. I love the macro shot of the water droplets and the child playing–among many others!

  2. Beautiful response Andre – I loved the approach you took on this one. As always, all of your images are outstanding. I did get a wonderful smile from the little child at the puddle 😊

    1. thank you, Tina. Yep, watching the kid was really fun. I was so focused on the water and the little boat he had. And the mother standing a few meters aside watching him also. Apparently, she wasn’t in a hurry despite the weather.

  3. Beautiful selections for water. The ice is amazing shot. The hot water smoke image is creative. All are incredible!

    1. thank you so much, Amy 😊 this ice block is one of my all-time favourites. fire and ice in one image because of the setting sun behind the clear ice.

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