14 thoughts on “tamed nature”

  1. One of man’s biggest follies is the obsession with “taming” nature. Nature, of course, will have the final word.

    1. You’re soo right, Léa. But, in this image, the huge waves are tamed by ironing them visually with a very long exposure 😊

      1. True.
        Now we shall have to live with the assault on nature and humanity inflicted by Russia and Putin…

        1. yes. Although the first attack was started already a little more than a week ago, it’s still hard to believe, that one silly man is capable to raise a war for nuts although he is well educated and should have studied what happened during WWII and WWI. I still hope, someone is able to stop that senseless cruelty against an independent country without any major damage to people, land, and infrastructure. There is nothing to win except harm. Harm for Ukrainian people for being victims of war and fear of death, destruction, and loss. And harm for Russian families when losing their kids for this senseless war as well as suffering from the lack of goods because of the sanctions. Millions of people have to pay a very high price for the wired ideas of one insane man, commanded only for improving his selfish self-esteem.

          1. Absolutely. In addition, those who believe Putin will stop with Ukraine, have their heads in the sand. He likes Hitler’s play book. If only he would skip to the last page and bunker down…

            1. Oh, yeah. I can’t agree more. I suspect, the Baltic countries are next in line 😮🙁 and at that point WW3 is started

                  1. That isn’t likely unless someone steps up and ends Putin once and for all. If he reaches out to China, he hasn’t a clue of what price they will extract for that. As bad as Putin is, China is more dangerous and would demand their pound of flesh.
                    It would be interesting to see how Germany responded to this if Merkle were still in office… I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

                    1. I guess (and hope) China will think twice (at least) helping Putin with weapons and /or armed forces or even with spare parts usable for military gear. I also hope, some secret service is already preparing a secret operation to cut the relevant people off from their positions of power. Regarding Merkel …. I guess, the position of our government would not much different, but she might have a different approach demanding Putin to stop his insane war. Both of them have a very long common history, which started back in the time when she was a scientist in GDR and he was a KGB officer in GDR. Maybe, someone comes up with the idea sending her to Moscow/Kyiv as a mediator. IMHO it’s worth a try.

                    2. I didn’t always agree with her but respected her. I’m sure her thoughts would resonate for many and hit a bullseye.
                      One would hope that in a country the size of Russia, there would be someone with the conscience and the chutzpah to do what must be done. Generations of Russxians will pay a price for this. I saw how America has often treated people of German descent even decades after WWII.. Often these people were born in America and not until long after that war. It isn’t right, but I’m afraid it is frequently a part of human nature. Unfortunately, I came from a long line of racist and judgemental people. Their roots, deep in the UK on one side and Sweden on the other. I never did fit it. Is it any wonder I studied to get my degrees in psychology?
                      I agree, Merkel would be an excellent mediator. However, Putin only hears what he wants to hear and he won’t get that from her.

                    3. I guess, you’re right, Léa, with both Putin won‘t listen to any opinion different from his own and people of Russian descent have to suffer from this for the next decades. We already see it here in Germany.

                    4. A dear friend in California is of Polish/Russian stock. Her mother was a linguist so many languages were spoken in the home. The immegrated to America when my friend was five years old. However, she gets hostile looks even now when speaking another language. She was actually born in Germany as her mother, grandmother and brother headed to the west. Her first five years were in Germany and she understands some German as well. In America, even a second language is discouraged.

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