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Throwback Thursday: a lighthouse in the forest?

Certainly, not 🙂 Lighthouses are erected at the sea to guide ships safely around cliffs and other dangers. Same is true for this one, right above the harbour entry of Port de Soller at the north coast of Mallorca.But the trees grew so much that only the upper part of the lighthouse is visible. On the other hand, nearly all lighthouses are not necessary anymore because of the electronic maps and GPS used nowadays for navigation.


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10 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: a lighthouse in the forest?”

  1. Oh, you are absolutely playing my kind of music. I adore the sea and love lighthouses. There are two I believe you would enjoy if you ever find yourself in California, heaven forbid. One is twenty-five miles south of San Francisco the other about fifty miles south of the city. They are perched on the edge over the Atlantic and both are function. In addition, they are both hostels. The one at Pidgeon Point has a large hot tub on the ledge high above the sea. I like to reserve it for after sunset. It is perfect for stargazing… Not far from the second lighthouse, is Ana Nuevo which is a large sand dune where the elephant seals mate. A small tip, don’t walk between them. It is astonishing how fast those massive creatures fly across the dunes.

      1. While there, perhaps you can check out the Monterey Bay Aquariaum. We used to go kayaking and swimming there but I believe that area was closed off. The otters and seals were so friendly and my kids loved it.

    1. You might be right, Janet. Many people say, they love lighthouses although they seem to be fallen out of time and new uses for the buildings are found. I guess, it’s like they also guide their (our) mind on a memory lane to the past, where life was less hectic and stressful. So, they can calm down and have a solid , well foundable friend to lean on to get comforted.

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