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Monochrome Monday 8-46

A closed railroad track not far away from my home. I’m mentioning the fact of being closed to avoid comments on how dangerous it is, standing on railroad tracks. And it is!!! Trains are in general so fast  that you could be too slow to come to a save place again. This is especially true when you’re distracted i.e. because you’re photographing. Even when you’re too close to a track, the air draft of a passing train can endanger you!

I’m mentioning this, because a friend of my middle son last his younger sister 4 years ago, aged only 18. She went along a track of a suburban railway at night to cut short on her way home. The trains using that track only once an hour at night. When she was caught, she was only a few meters away from the save platform. At least here in Germany, trains drive usually at speed between 100 -130 kilometres per hour, and the ICE (InterCity Express) is usually operated even at 250 – 300 km/h when on the special high-speed tracks.


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Take care!