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Travel Tuesday: Old man of Storr



The iconic rock needle called Old man of Storr located on the Isle of Skye. In the back you can see small parts of Loch Leathan, the Irish Sea, and the island Kyle. Only the needle to the left is called Old man. It’s 48 meters high. The other rocks beside him are sometimes referred to as his family. A second needle, referred to as being his wife, felt down a couple of years ago.

Climbing up here was very challenging. There’s not path to follow except sheep trails. The ground was quite soft and wet. In addition we had a lot of wind.Thus, I didn’t climbed higher than here and missed the overview from the view point. Coming down again, was even more challenging. The hillside does not only have no path, it’s also very steep and I’m very happy, having been able to reach the street without any severe injury. I slipped only once, but except dirty hands everything was fine.



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9 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday: Old man of Storr”

    1. Thanks, Amy. Unfortunately, there is no-one handing over a „goat-climber’s diploma“ after successful climbing up and down 😂

    1. There is not much parking room. Maybe enough for 20 cars or so. So, people distribute very well and the sheep don’t disturb you. Weather and the ground are the challenging factors. We had rain ( sometimes mixed with a little bit of snow) and slippery wet ground. Friends of mine being there the next year at approximately the same time were fighting against heavy wind, that was able to move a strong man to the side.

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