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Travel Tuesday: A view back to the Old man of Storr and his family


Back at the street a final view back to the Old man of Storr and his family with an 85mm focal length. They are standing or sitting up there and enjoying the view down to the sea. The bright spots are some sheep. You can enlarge the image by clicking on it. Do you see the paths? No? Me, neither. As I already told you, there aren’t any.

The group is located approximately 450m above the sea and the name giving “Old man” is about 48m high. The Storr is the name of the whole mountain formation (750 m high), where the rock needles grew out (they were created by the rain while the surrounding material eroded and only the harder parts survived). They have a fantastic view downhill to the sea, the neighboring islands, and even the Scottish mainland (assumed the sight is good enough). I already showed it to you in my past posts

From the parking ground, you can follow a gravel path for a few hundred meters ending at a gate. Up to here, the path is steep but quite easy to walk. Behind the gate, the harder part of the way up starts. Following sheep trails, we climbed uphill. But, the ground was very soft and slippy because of the amount of rain.

I’m very happy to have been able to climb up and come back down safely. In case, you want to try it, don’t try it without very solid hiking boots. In addition, hiking poles could be very useful. I didn’t have had hiking poles but missed them.

Take care!